Hired a writer a while ago and they’re now acting up


I think the one thing I'm really bad at is conflict management. I hired a writer a couple of years ago and they did a 70% great job throughout. Mainly, they've been diligent and willing to learn so I've turned a blind eye to some issues- such as how they avoid client interactions like the plague or the number of days off they seem to need. I gave even more leverage last year because of the pandemic and I didn't want to push them too much.

However, that has come at the cost of my own peace and sanity. Plus, today, they wrote to a client who was asking for a call, and the exact words they used were- Please discuss such agendas with XXX. We will coordinate among ourselves downstream.

Needless to say that pissed off the client, because they were asking for time to brief on topics- it was a very specific ask and not a 'quick catch-up' or other such irrational needs.

I've put out the fire for now and found a workaround but am super upset with the writer, mainly because of how this seems to be a pattern across the board rather than an exception.

How should I let them go?

I want to keep it professional, and also give myself time to find someone else because this is mainly B2B writing, but at the same time, I cannot bear this behavior anymore. How would you resolve a conflict like this?

Outside of these issues, we have a normal working relationship that occasionally involves discussing each other's pets.

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