Need advice: I’ve been helping a nonprofit with social media posting and growth. What are my next steps?

Hey r/marketing redditors.

I am a high schooler who recently started volunteering for a small nonprofit to help with their content creation and social media marketing (just posting on their social media). Over the past couple of months, I've helped them earn a couple hundred more followers, introduced them to the fundraising features on FB and IG, and have helped them with their Google Analytics and SEO. I just had a few questions for y'all: (Don't feel obliged to answer all of them)

  • Generally: What should my next steps be, if I am helping them in marketing?

More specifically:

  • For the things I'm doing, what things should I be researching/learning so I can grow personally in marketing?
  • I've been thinking about helping them start with advertising on social media and Google Search (they don't do this currently) and using the Google Ad Grant program for nonprofits.
    • Is using ads unnecessary for a nonprofit, should we focus on organic growth instead, and are FB and IG advertising worth the investment? What about Google Search Ads?
    • Do these ads have a good ROI, and if we were to focus on one (Google Search OR social media ads) which has a better ROI and is a better investment?
    • What are the best resources (besides the courses in the subreddit sidebar) to learn about the basics of online advertising?
  • Social Media-wise:
    • What are some good ways to increase engagement and followers organically (besides putting out quality content consistently?). Are there any creative ideas that you've used that have worked?
    • Are there any good sites/newsletters that I should look at for more info on this?

I know that this is a long list. Feel free to answer as many/as few as you'd like since I am open to ANY advice. Thank you so much for your time.

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