Here’s a trick that I’ve been using since 2018 to get more subscribers on my email list. It’s stupidly simple and works really well for me:

Hey guys, I wanted to share a little trick I use to get people to double opt-in to my email list.

It’s quick, easy and it's worked every time I've used it.

To understand it you need to know what a double opt-in is, why it’s important, but why it sucks.

What’s a double opt-in?

A double opt-in is when you force everyone who enters their email to join your list to confirm the email they entered. Which means they have to go to their inbox, open your email and click a confirmation button.

Why it matters

It’s worth forcing people to optin because people enter fake emails (e.g. [](

You don’t want these emails man. Because if you email fake addresses email providers tag a ‘bad emailer’ and start sending your emails to spam. (Or the promo folder in Gmail).

The double opt-in solves this by forcing people to give a confirmation from the email they entered.

So what’s the problem?

People are lazy and like to put things off. They think “I’ll do it later” and forget. Which means no emails for them – and no sales for us.

So how do you fix this problem?

I simply add a 5 min countdown timer with the line “Your confirmation link will expire in 5 minutes” to my ‘Please confirm page’.

That’s it.

The link doesn’t actually expire in 5 minutes. But that’s how it’s perceived which means get it done.

(Here’s a before and after pic of what I mean)

Seriously give it a go. I’ve not yet seen or known of a business where this doesn’t significantly reduce lost lazy emails.

Hope that helps, and if you sell ebooks and online courses, check out r/internetmarketing. Great community which shares advice and tips like this everyday.

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