IAmA a marketing consultant turned data specialist at a FAANG company

Hi all,

This is a follow-up to this post. As the title says I am a (marketing) data and insights lead at Google and before that I had quite a normal marketing background. As such I changed/repositioned my career and are pretty happy with it.:)

AMA on my personal development, how I transitioned, why I specialized in data, what skills you need, etc.

Some of my credentials:


Some info on my career and educational background. Not 100% up-to-date but you get an idea. Feel free to ask if you want some more details on any positions.


My side project where I write about data-skill development for marketers and provide step-by-step data-analysis guides for marketing in Google Sheets (I am also working on a course. If interested you can sign-up for the waitlist for early access here ).


Not too much going on here but I plan to tweet more about how I built a side business while having a corporate job and how having a more unique “hard” skill set such as data analysis was an integral part to it.

As a heads-up:

This is something I am doing privately. All opinions and answers here are my own and not the views of my employer. I won’t be answering any question related directly to my employer.

I'll be here fo the next 2 hours and answer questions as quickly as possible. But I'll also answer more questions over the weekend until Monday same time.

Looking forward to this and your questions!

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